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e previous instrument created by the ECB, theLTRO, introduced in late December last year, had succeeded in decreasing thecost of borrowing for c France moncler homme ommercial banks, and like the European StabilityMechanism (ESM), the next successor to the European Financial StabilityFacility (EFSF), will provide for its long-term financing. With these threetools, a low-cost financing of the European economy will be guaranteed; theeuro bonds, long-awaited, will be implicitly in place; and Europe will Enfants moncler homme havethe necessary time to carry out its reforms and achieve growth.Two kinds of obstacles jeopardise the feasibility of this scenario.On the one hand, the possibility cannot be excluded that the ECB does nottake any decision on 6 September, waiting for the validation of the Europe taille moncler homme anTreaty and the European Stability Mechanism, in Germany by theConstitutional Court, on 12 September, the same day in the Netherlands, bythe voters, who will vote for their General elections and a few days later, inearly October, in France, by the parliamentarians, who must ratify the newEU treaty.On the other hand, because the ECB cannot take the risk to give strugglingcountries the impression that their reforms are no longer necessary becauseall the money in the world would be available. It must thus have, in orderto trigge Taille moncler homme r these mechanisms that reduce the price of government bonds, thecertainties that some serious reforms will take place.And this is the most difficult part: who can define these programs? Who canensure that they will be implemented and monitored? In Greece, where thecountry is surviving by printing money until the next loan? In Spain, wherethe government is refusin moncler homme g to see the seriousness of the situation? InItaly, where the recession can only cast a bad light over the goodwill andefforts of Mario Monti?There is currently no credible answer to these questions, the Commission hasno legal authority in this; the Eurogroup has no legitimacy in this; the IMFis not welcome in a problem that must be dealt with among Europeans. And theECB cannot take

a role in the monitoring of economic policies, which mustremain in the hands of elected officials.Therefore, as soon as possible, it is necessary to create, within theeurozone, a real political body, with a Finance Minister of the eurozone,with the power and legitimacy, subject to the control of the Europeanparliamentarians from the countries within the zone, to define and controlthe implementation of reform programs in each country. Programs economicallyefficient and socially fair.If such a mechanism is not quickly put in place, the daring touches andrecent innovations of the ECB will indeed have been in vain. And the Greek,Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and other crises will end with the demise ofthe euro.The light that we believe we are seeing at the end of the tunnel today thuswill be known as of the locom Enfants moncler homme otive coming to knock us down.March 16th, 2010 7:02 AM | By JACQUES ATTALI The recent discovery o France moncler homme f the turpitude of the leaders of Lehmann and their auditors, with terrible consequences on the world-wide crisis, and thus on employment of hundreds of millions of peop Taille moncler homme le, shows, if it was still necessary, that since globalization has done its work, what takes place in a company can have consequences on the whole planet. Similarly, the way Goldman Sachs has pushed the Greek Government to aggravate the make-up of its deficit also had tragic consequences that extend far beyond the Greek context. However, no international court is competent to judge such crimes. On one hand because companies are shielded from international justice: the International Criminal Court, established in 1998, is only competent to judge individuals, and even if the prosecution of the leader of a company seems possible in theory, the case has never been considered. In addition, it cannot pursue a business (and especially a financial institution), moncler homme taille moncler homme even on the charges of money laundering from a crime of war, or crime against humanity. On the other hand because the definition of crime against humanity does not cover the cases of economic and

social crimes: it is characterized as an act detrimental to the mental and physical integrity of civilians committed in the context of a widespread or systematic attack against the population, in peacetime or wartime. If the G20 really wanted to be effective, it would decide to complete the ongoing reform of the treaty by expanding its jurisdiction over the prosecution of companies in connection with individuals prosecuted for war crimes or crimes against humanity; creating new categories of crimes against humanity (for very serious violations of social and economic right with global reach); and organizing actions in civil liability for damage caused by companies having ignored, no matter where in the world, the rules established by the Charter of the Human Rights of the United Nations and the International Labor Organization and the rules, which yet remain to be defined against financial speculation. We could also, to achieve the same goal, instead of extending the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court, create a new supranational court, an Economic and Financial International Court, which would build its own jurisprudence for these new crimes and offences, by taking into account necessities of progressing towards a globalization of the Rule of law, to balance the globalization of markets. Naturally, the main interest of such a court, as the International Criminal Court, would be to be dissuasive: no Head of State is sheltered today from his political crim moncler homme es and it must be the same for the authors of economic and financial crimes. This would also avoid rejecting all responsibility for the crimes of a few and transform the whol France moncler homme e financial system into a scapegoat for the crisis. All this, of course, is the realm of utopia. But it is by utopias that humanity advances. And it is only by realizing them before the disasters, that we can hope to avoid them. j@attali.comQuelques dirigeants, dont ceux de la France, se sont embarqués la f taille moncler homme leur au fus Taille moncler homme il dans un conflit incertain contre le dictateur fo Enfants moncler homme u de Lybie,