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ust say to those who do me the honor ofreading me what is my c Hommes Doudoune hoice, inviting them to reflect on it before makingtheir own.I know very well each of the two c Online Doudoune andidates. One since 1980, and the othersince 1982. I worked with one 30 years ago, at the Elysee, with FrancoisMitterrand; I have chaired a commission that released two reports to theother, four and two years ago (a bipartisan commission, whose outgoingpresident only applied a part of the recommendations, the right, of course).Both have become, for me, friends. And they remained so.And yet, it is without hesitation that I shall vote for Francois Hollande.The main reason might be my personal tradition, like a Pavlovian reflex. Itis tru Réductions Doudoune e that I have always voted in favor of the left. But this legacy countsfor almost nothing in my choice today: France is in such a difficultsituation that, if I thought clearly that the reelection of the outgoingPresident was a better choice for the country, I would acknowledge itwithout hesitation.The period ahead will be very difficult. The world will be increasinglycompetitive. Indebted nations will have to be bold, innovative, acting insolidarity. The French know it. They are prepared for it. They have themeans.The outgoing President does not seem to be the best prepared to face thissituation.First, because of his record. Some would say he could not do more because ofthe global financial crisis. I do not think so: the crisis did not preventhim from reforming further the State; It did not force him to reduce taxrevenue Doudoune s without reducing public expenditure; it did not force him to giveso scandalously an offset to the richest; it did not prevent him frommodernizing the social legislation, from strengthening the training of theunemployed, from improving primary school, from capitalizing on drones thatare now so badly needed in our armies. It did not prohibit him either fromrecom Cheap Doudoune mending the way forward for the construction of Europe, without whichthe euro will soon disappear, to the worst disaster of our country.Then because of wh

at his electoral strategy of confro Doudoune ntation announces,which makes him claim them for h Hommes Doudoune is own, day after day, all the ideas of theNational Front. This strategy can only lead, if he is elected, to go back onthe achievements of the European integration, the installation of a securityrepublic, the questioning of the rights of women and foreigners. If this is tothis kind of priorities his presidential experience has lead him to, it isbetter not to renew it.As for Francois Hollande, he will be the best candidate. Of course, he hasnever held ministerial office; but he has been for thirty years associatedwith the exercise of power in France. And I know him well enough, longenough, to vouch for his competence, his transparency, his culture, hisseriousness, his moral force. In addition, his program, as well as hiselectoral strategy are better suited than those of the other candidate towhat France needs today: to come together and be calm.The next President will succeed only if he brings together lastingly all theforces in France. One will not want it and certainly will not be able to.The other will want it, and we need to give him the means to do so.October 15, 2012 6:00 P.M | by JACQUES ATTALIHere’s a riddle: in what country are the richest 1% paying 41% of all theincome taxes and where the richest 5% are paying more than 65%?Another riddle: in wh Cheap Doudoune at country are capital gains taxed at the same rate aswages and salaries?Look no further, these two countries are one and the same; and it is neitherFrance, nor Sweden, nor any country with high levels of taxation butCalifornia.And here’s the thing: the ta Online Doudoune x rate in question is only 10% there! And evenif a candidate to the post of Governor in the next November elections,former Governor Jerry Brown, is proposing to increase these rates, it isonly an increase of up to 13% and no further.Of course Réductions Doudoune , California is not a country in itself; and its public financesare not in better shape than those of European countries; in addition, asignificant portion of what is financed by

taxation in Europe is covered byprivate insurance contracts there, which should be added to the compulsorylevies, to make useful compa Hommes Doudoune risons. However: California remains the place onthe planet where the creation of wealth is the highest, and where all thecapital and the entrepreneurs of the world are rushing, looking for fundingfor their project. And entrepreneurs thus enticed are then paying a lot oftaxes: in 2000, when Google was listed on the Stock Market, 8 of itscreators paid in California, $1 billion in taxes.The problem with the French budget is therefore not the structure of theincome tax, which is not in itself objectionable: capital gains can betaxed, same for capital revenues from a job; but provided that the rates benot confiscatory. However, in France, they are.No one e Réductions Doudoune ver wants to work or choose to invest in a country that takes fromhim two-thirds of what he earns through his work or investment. If suchrates were to be implemented, France will witness the departure of itsentrepreneurs, executives, and centers of corporate management.Make no mistake: the so-called major «French» companies already no longerhave anything French other than the location of their centre Online Doudoune s of command andtheir main executives; their major shareholders already are no longer Frenchsince a long time. If these executives were to decide now, for tax reasons,to move abroad, they will soon be replaced by foreigners and we wouldrealize that Renault, Danone, Total, and so many others no longer have, fora long time, anything Cheap Doudoune French. And we should not be surprised if their newleaders no longer consider as a priority the preservation of jobs in France.Taxation therefore c Doudoune ould lead to the relocation of companies against whichit is supposed to fight.Therefore it is more important to lower these confiscatory rates than tomodify the tax structure. And if one wants to strengthen social justice, itis not by taxing those who create wealth that it will be achieved, but byreclaiming it, as in California, at the time of transmission to futurege