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an Marie Le Pen au second tour de l’élection présidentielle de 2002 avait masquée l’imminence, découle de deux réformes constitutionnelles très contestables : la réduction à cinq ans de la durée du mandat présidentiel et le report de l’élection des parlementaires après celle du chef de l’Etat. Les conséquences en seront vertigineuses. D’abord, les élus de la majorité, qui devront leur mandat au seul Président, ne pourront rien lui refuser. Ensuite, le Président, n’ayant plus la moindre tentation de dissoudre un Parlement à sa dévotion, ne sera plus, dès son élection, préoccupé que par sa réélection. Enfin, débarrassé de toute menace électorale nationale, il sera en situation de décider de tout, de nommer qui il souhaitera, à tout Doudoune Moncler Outlet poste, même ceux qui ne sont pas, constitutionnellement, de sa compétence. Nous n’entrons pas dans une 6ème république, mais dans une monarchie quinquennale. Le Président pourra utiliser ce pouvoir presque illimité pour mener de vastes réformes, comme le fit François Mitterrand pendant les cinq premières années de son premier mandat, ou p Pas Cher Moncler Outlet our ne rien faire, comme le fit Jacques Chirac pendant les cinq dernières années. Dans les deux cas, l’opposition gagnera toutes les élections locales d’abord municipales, puis régionales, qui serviront d’exutoire, et perdra to Femmes Moncler Outlet utes les élections nationales. Comme si les Français considéraient que la droite était mieux placée pour gérer les enjeux stratégiques, et la gauche plus pr&e Moncler Outlet acute;par&eacut Réductions Moncler Outlet e;e à prendre en charge la gestion des problèmes de proximité. Cette situation peut durer très longtemps ; et la monarchie q

uinquennale pourrait, sauf accident, devenir décennale……April 23, 2012 6:00 P.M. | by JACQUES ATTALILet’s take seriously the second-round campaign. Let’s once again increaseour first beliefs and truly seek in two weeks, who can best help Franceavoid the fate of Greece, which awaits, it is almost certain,Portugal and perhaps Spain.This < Pas Cher Moncler Outlet strong>Réductions Moncler Outlet Moncler Outlet is the top priority. We cannot make any plans on anything else, anypromise of maintaining the benefits gained, of gain of any social conquest,of protection of any personal situation, if we do not avoid first the mostlikely: the downgrade of France.For if France continues on her current trajectory, the wave which will carrythe elected president on May 6 will be quickly transformed into a tsunami todrown his hopes, and those of the country.It is thus time, finally, less than two weeks away from the election of theman who will lead France for five years, to get from the last twocompetitors some clear answers, transparently, on the four key issues onwhich depends the future of the country.Questions to Nicolas Sarkozy:Why did you not, when there was s Femmes Moncler Outlet till time, reduce significantly the State’sdeficits? Why did you let all the actors of the economy, households andbusinesses, borrow more than any other G7 country, as per the undisputedOECD’s data? How can we believe that in your second term you will make thereforms that you did not dare to do in the first? And do not answer that youcan do so because the crisis is behind us, because it is not true.What do you intend to do very specifically, euro-for- euro, to escape thesupervision of markets, ie the lenders, in the mini budget of July 2012(which you will not escape because your budget figures ar Doudoune Moncler Outlet e wrong), and inthe 2013 budget, not counting on growth that obviously will not be at therendezvous, considering what is happening elsewhere in Europe, in the USAand in China.Questions to Francois Hollande:Do you consider that it remains lawful to hope, in France, to make a fortuneby one’s work or sh

ould this be prohibited in order to finance deficits andeliminate poverty?If making a fortune is no longer lawful, if business leaders no longer havethis motivation, how do you think the country can regain growth? Throughpublic investment.? Through nationalization? Through virtue?If making a fortune is no longer lawful, in your opinion, should we becontent with maintaining the existing fortunes, which would just have forjustification but the fact that they were made before May 6, 2012, or shouldthey be challenged, by massive taxes on inheritance and capital?What do you intend to do very specifically, euro-for- euro, to escape thesupervision of markets, ie the lenders, in the mini budget of July Pas Cher Moncler Outlet 2012 ,that you announced, and Doudoune Moncler Outlet in the 2013 budget, not counting on growth thatobviously will not be at the rendezvous, considering what is happeningelsewhere in Europe, in the USA and in China.In 1771, Jean Jacques Rousseau wrote in his fascinating and too easilyforgotten Considerations on the Government of Poland and its Reformation:«Every free state in which no provision has been made for great crises is indanger of perishing with every storm».I wish that phrase could serve to highlight this final leg of the campaign.May 5, 2013 12:51 P.M | by JACQUES ATTALISince the terrible accident of 11 March 2011 (an earthquake of magnitude 9and a 15 m-high tsunami), the devastated Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear powerplant has not seemed to pose any health concerns outside Japan. And even inJapan, no radiation levels above the dose l Moncler Outlet imit were found in the shops orin the food.Yet from some Japanese data, some of which have not been translated yet, thesituation Réductions Moncler Outlet in Fukushima is no longer under control.First 400 tonnes of water are entering daily in the Fukushima Nuclear plant,from the sea, they are contaminated there, which is in addition to the280,000 tonnes of con Femmes Moncler Outlet taminated water already stored at the site. Moreover,there are several hundred tonnes of very contaminated materials in the powerplant. According to some reports (from