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and the USA; as already intended within the proposed Multilateral Agreement on Investment (MAI) when secret negotiations on behalf of the OECD members took place from 1995 until 1997, and fortunately abandoned. And arbitration, that increasingly replaces the courts as last appeal, generally follows, at the request of the parties, the principles of Anglo-Saxon « common law, » whose liberalism is unlimited, and which never trusts the law to provide conciliation and mediation between parties.And even more so, if are emerging, they are already under way, arbitrations without arbitrator, where disputes are settled through simple negotiation between the parties, posing 2014 Moncler increasingly difficult questions of law, where the rule of force will trump the rule of law and the rule of reason.And even worse when lawlessness, with its illegal economy and the reign of fait accompli will impose themselves, even to statisticians, newly integrated into the illegal and criminal economy with respect to the measure of wealth produced by a nation.There is no benefit for Europe in all that, and still less so in France. Unless it leads the fight to make it possible for its own law to shine throughout the world. It is not an easy task.j@attali.comJuly 18, 2010 10:51 P.M. | by JACQUES ATTALI The slip of the tongue of the Prime Minister, perhaps because of fatigue due to jet lag, is welcome. We cannot continue to refuse to recognize that rigor is needed, urgently. Our deficits are abyssal, those of the State and of Social Security, local aut Moncler horities and other public services. For now, they are financed by loans, whi Solde Moncler ch finance their o Taille Moncler wn loans, that is to say the cavalry, under sometimes scandalous conditions, as for Social Security. What is announced for the financing of pensions regulates only one small portion of what would be necessary for this expenditure, which does not even Pas Cher Moncler rethink one quarter of the total savings to be made elsewhere. The 2010 Budget is carried out with total laxity. The 2011 Budget is built on unfortunately absurd as

sumptions of growth, and undo 2014 Moncler ubtedly 10 billion Euro will be missing, at least at the end of the year, to keep the commitments made. This will add to the need to find 60 billion Euros in 2012 and 2013 to prevent debt from growing beyond 90% of the GDP. And nothing is said to the country about the fact that we will need to sustain the same effort for 10 years, no matter who is in charge in Government, to reduce debt around 65% of GDP, which is probably, in the case of France, the maximum tolerable. No one has the courage t Pas Cher Moncler o say it all. Neither the government nor the opposition. The government se Solde Moncler ems to want to defend all the great privileges, while the left-wing seems to want to preserve all the weakest. In our country, which declines without wanting to admit it, the alliance of large fortune inherited and small vested benefits works at full speed; the connivance of la Moncler rge and small rentiers (docker, teacher, journalist, head of department at the hospital or entrepreneur), imposes its law to all. All these people conspire successfully to prevent the rigor from touching their privileges. The others, all the others (poor, without relations, young people or foreigners), with no vested benefits, are the intended victims of the decline which begins. The turn of the others will come. But it will be then too late to avoid the disaster. Socially just rigor must become a commonplace in all sectors of society; it must be a sustainable rule of conduct. It assumes that a social pact be rebuilt, that the French people have the feeling they are treated equally Taille Moncler , that their children retain a chance for social mobility and in particular that we do not consider the suburbs just like a battlefield for police forces. The victims of this system, mostly young people without inheritance, "Nobody’s Children?" feel indeed that this rigor socially just will not impose itself by the natural interaction of democracy. Neither with a right-wing government. Nor with a left-wing government. For the moment they leave. That may be th

e best that can happen to those who govern, or aspire to govern: if these young people were to stay, and claimed their due, nothing would remain of these privileges. One way or another, they would impose, they will impose one day, a just rigor. j@attali.comIl est un scénario très à la mode à Paris en ce moment: pourquoi reformer? La crise financière planétaire est presque finie ;  le monde est  à la fin d’un cycle économique ;  la croissance va bientôt revenir partout et en particulier  en Occident ;  d’abord aux États-Unis puis en Europe. Le chômage  diminuera alors en France et l’eurozone ira doucement vers un avenir fédéral que tous les pays membres  accepteront sans secousse particulière, au fil de réformes  institutionnelles et homéopathiques.Il existe quelques indices en faveu Taille Moncler r de cette thèse : l’immobilier  repart dans certaines régions  des  États-Unis ; la consommation et l’emploi y redémarrent, et cela ira encore mieux,  disent certains,  après les élections, grâce à de formidables progrès techniques.  Moncler L’Asie, l’Afrique sont en pleine explosion, avec des taux  de croissance dépassant 10% par an dans de nombreux pays.  Et la mise en place d’une nouvelle équipe a la tête de la Chine mettra fin aux dernières incertitudes. L’eurozone, désormais unie dans le désir de conserver son unité,  sera emportée par cette vague de croissance, comme une barque poussée Solde Moncler par le courant vers le grand large.D’autres faits, tout aussi établis,  vont pourtant  en sens exactement  contraire: aux Etats-Unis, la nécessité de maîtriser la  dette interne et externe  Pas Cher Moncler devrait entraîner, à partir de janvier 2013 des augmentations d’impôt entrainant une 2014 Moncler nouvelle récession,  et une baisse de la valeur du  dollar  qui sera catastrophique pour l’Europe. De plus,  rien n’est réglé dans l’eurozone: la situation économique sociale et politique grecque s’aggrave, la  dette publique y