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nce ? Par des investissements publics ? Par des nationalisations ? Par la vertu ?Si faire fortune n’est plus licite, faut-il, selon vous, admettre le maintien des fortunes existantes, qui n’auraient plus comme justification que d’avoir été faites avant le 6 mai 2012, ou faudrait-il les remettre en cause, par des impôts massifs sur les successions et sur la fortune ?Que comptez-vous faire très précisément, euro par euro, pour échapper à la tutelle des marchés, c’est à dire des préteurs, dans le collectif budgétaire de juillet 2012, que vous avez annoncé, et dans le budget 2013, en ne comptant pas sur une croissance qui ne sera évidement pas au rendez vous, à voir ce qui se profile ailleurs en Europe, aux Etats-Unis et en Chine.En 1771, Jean Jacques Rousseau écrivait, dans ses fascinantes, et trop oubliées Considérations sur le gouvernement de Pologne et sur Enfants Moncler sa réformation : «Tout Etat libre où les grandes crises n’ont pas été prévues est, à chaque orage, en grand danger de périr».J’aimerai que cette phrase serve d’exergue à cette fin de campagne.Merci à tous pour vos commentaires passionnés et passionnants sur mon précedent ar Taille Moncler ticle. Je les ai tous lus, parfois avec tristesse Doudoune Moncler quand les mots de certains ont surement dépassés  leur pensée. Toujours avec interet pour le sérieux de l’argumentation. Je reviendrai dans un blog prochain sur ces divers sujets: les  d Solde Moncler roits des minorités. La filiation, la  place du religieux dans la cité, et les dangers de l’intolérance et du prosélytisme. AmitiésJuly 24, 2011 10:28 P.M. | by JACQUES ATTALIThe terrible Norwegian massacre, may appear as a ter Moncler rible incident, isolatedact of a mentally ill person, with no more importance than Unabomber, theAmerican killer who inspired him. It can, however, be interpreted as theannouncement of a vast geopolitical movement expected for a long time andanticipated by many theorists.Some, in fact, logically (poorly understood) with the early wo

rk of SamuelHuntington, see there the sign of the beginning of a religious war, betweenChristianity and Islam. And it is true that very many other signs ofreligious fundamentalist violence exist around the world: in the USA,France, Brazil, Israel, Nigeria, Pakistan, and in many other places.Others still, inspired by th Doudoune Moncler e next works of the same American professor, seein this tragedy one more sign of the return of nationalisms and of whatfollows: the refusal of foreigners and the so-called «internationalists»doctrines, which the European project and soci Taille Moncler al democracy are a part of.And of this there are indeed now countless signs: in Scandinavia, «the partyof true Finns»; in Belgium, «the Flemish party»; in France, «the FrontNational»; the Tea Party in the United States, and many other nationalistmovements, on the whole planet.In fact, none of this gives the true measure of what really happened inNorway: this tragedy is in fact a cruel metaphor of the dominant value oftoday’s world: the desire for everyone to keep for himself what defines him.In the West, many people are worried indeed about the risk of seeing theiridentity and standard of living threatened, and they have no projects otherthan enjoying their comfort and retaining their habits; and in order topreserve them, not to share them with anyone. In the South, Solde Moncler as in a mirroreffect, many other people are also worried about seeing their identitydissolved in the Western project, and do everything to protect themselves bystaying isolated.However, in Enfants Moncler both North and South, few will be content on th Moncler e short term withthe preservation of their assets as project: they know they are threatenedby the financial crisis, which has only just begun, by the resultingdowngrading, by the flood of competitors and values ​​coming from elsewhere,or by the destruction of nature. They will want a higher ideal.Some will find this new ideal in the basic extension of their selfishness,which they push, and will push more and more, until excess, violence, andhatre

d of others. A new form of totalitarian ideology will then form,claiming autism as a policy. For others, this ideal will be on the contraryin the negation of selfishness, and in the development of altruism, whichwill allow them to seek their happiness in that of others. This new form ofideology will express itself in an internationalist optimism, eager to learnby sharing.This is the lesson of the Norwegian tragedy: a country can Moncler not lastpermanently without a political project, giving it some meaning exceedingits material reality, inscribing it in History. And if politicians areunable to propose one, one that is exalting, then madmen will.j@Attali.comSeptember 1st, 2009, 10 h 47 PM | | By Jacques AttaliRaymond Devos liked to raise the question about the difference between a "good flu" and a "bad flu". In doing so, as always, he pointed to the importance in the use of words and their genealogy to understand their meaning and define the action which the Doudoune Moncler y imply. Thus, the "flu" about which we are going to speak so much, is a word of Frankish origin (which also gave gre Solde Moncler ifen German, "to seize") from the 14th century which designates a kind of claw, harpoon, allowing to hold something. It gave the verbs "to catch" and "to Taille Moncler jam" meaning then "grasping" or "slowing down" which we do not use anymore other than to say that Enfants Moncler a machine or a mechanism "jams". By extension, the "flu" also refers, in the same season, to a "whim", which gets a hold of us unexpectedly, hence the expression "take a dislike to someone" meaning a sudden and unpredictable aversion for somebody, as if we grabbed him by the neck for no reason. It is only in the 18th century that this expression came to indicate a disease which seized a patient abruptly, affection called up to that point, as in Italian, by the name of "influenza", which comes from the low latin influentia ("which flows", which gave the "fl