Get Involved- Web

We are trying to create an online space for members to plan, schedule, discuss and share ideas and comments about our beloved community garden. We have recently added a calendar to our site that may help us all keep up to date about events in the garden. We can see if this works as well as the google calendar that we have been using. It should give us a more “friendly” way to view events.

The WordPress software that we use to create and manage this site has many great features that let members and friends create content that is fresh, interesting and relevant. For example if you have pictures of La Plaza (or of another subject of interest to the community) it is very easy to create a posting with a photo gallery that all can enjoy. We can likely extend the capabilities to video and audio for any member that has an interest.

Anyone with an interest in La Plaza can REGISTER HERE.

A “subscriber” account is created. For members who want to add content, we can promote to a “contributor”, “author” or “editor” level as needed. When we get your permissions established you can help create our site by adding your content.

Please send an email to: and get involved!

Thanks- La Plaza Web Team.

Look on the Bright Side?

The members and board of La Plaza work hard to keep all our plants and trees healthy and it’s sad to see the wind-damaged willow go. Maybe there is a way to look at this? As an opportunity for… the lawn to grow better? more and different plants in the front? a new tree? There is certainly a new sense of space and light. Sophie’s blog has good pictures and a different perspective HERE

Farewell Willow

La Plaza will lose the entire tree apparently. High winds around 8 this morning brought down a large limb or two. Luckily no one was underneath. Tomorrow Parks is supposed to come and take the rest of it out to the ground. C’est la vie, non?


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