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La Plaza encourages members to get involved with a committee that reflects your interests.

Compost Committee – The compost committee works to maintain the garden and food waste compost system made up of the metal cans, 3 bin system, and compost tumbler. Members are responsible for mixing food waste from metal cans into the 3 bin system when full, and maintaining the cleanliness of the composting area. We also teach other garden members to use the compost bin correctly, and make sure that no inappropriate materials are added.
Contact Pedro Diez @

Parents Committee – The Parents Committee works to enhance children’s use of La Plaza, and to ensure that their caregivers are involved in the stewardship of the garden. This includes providing  programming and events for children in the garden, coordinating a yearly rummage sale fundraiser, and participating in the maintenance of the areas most used by children.  The Parents Committee works with the Membership Committee to accommodate school groups wishing to use the garden. We meet four times a year during the day in the garden, communicate and vote by email, and have many discussions while sitting around in the shade.

Performance/Events Committee – The performance/event committee oversees and produces events that take place in the garden, including birthday parties, BBQs, weddings, theater & music events, and professional photo, film/TV and music video shoots. Members of the performance/event committee help steward events, collaborate with event organizers, and work on producing La Plaza Cultural sponsored events such as fundraisers and free cultural events. If you enjoy the arts or are an arts producer/promoter or have skills in marketing and PR, the performance/event committee could really use your help!

Contact Eli @

Landscape Committee – The landscape committee manages and designs the landscape of La Plaza Cultural, including weeding and planting, maintaining the maintenance yard and producing horticultural workshops.  If you have a green thumb and love to get your hands dirty, then this is the committee for you!

Contact Ross Martin @

Plot Committee – The plot committee manages the indiviual and community plots inside La Plaza Cultural.  Anyone who has their own plot or is interested in working the community plots are required to be a member of the plot committee.

Contact Rita Kelly @

Membership Committee –  The membership committee manages the renewal of old members and the sign up of new members.  This includes processing applications and annual dues for membership and plots, keeping track of members’ participation and mediating when one’s commitment to membership is questionable.  If you are great at being a bad cop, like data entry & administration, then this is the committee for you!

Contact Bill LoSasso@

Website Committee – The website committee manages and updates the website and helps La Plaza build a high-tech virtual community.  If technology is your thing, then this is the committee for you!


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