Rules & Bylaws

Public hours: 10:00am – 7:00pm Saturday and Sunday, April 1 – October 30, and when the gate is open and members are present. Please enter at your own risk.

Thank you for abiding by our rules:

LEAVE NO TRACE! Please take your garbage with you!
LOCK UP! To ensure the safety and preservation of the garden, please lock up after your visit or make sure a key carrying member is supervising the garden. Non-members are not allowed to remain in the garden after public hours unless supervised by a member
— Supervise your children at all times, especially around the pond and amphitheater
— Respect garden plots and please stay on the paths
— Do not pick flowers, vegetables or plants unless you grew them
— Do not throw things in the pond or feed the fish
— Do not feed birds, chickens or other wildlife
— Film and photo shoots must be arranged in advance; home photography and videotaping is welcome
— Any event of more than 12 people must be reserved in advance at

Be aware that the following is prohibited:
–Alcohol (by NY State Law)
–Barbecuing (except by members)
–Amplified sound (except by Board permission)
–Aggressive or threatening behavior
–Leaving personal property
–Smoking anywhere in the garden

We love dogs but…
–Keep them leashed at all times
–Keep them away from front lawn, children’s sand box, and plot area
–Dog toileting is never allowed in the garden


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