Pond Task Force Kickoff Meeting Agenda and Minutes February 8, 2015

Pond Task Force
Kickoff Meeting Agenda and Minutes
February 8, 2015 __________________________________________________________________________ NO DESIGN DETAILS WILL BE DISCUSSED TODAY. WE WILL FOCUS ON THE BIG PICTURE. __________________________________________________________________________

Present: B​ill LoSasso, Derrick Alford, Rita Kelly, Jackson Gilkey, Helen Avery, David Pottinger, Jon Keller ______________________________________________________________________________________

  1. 1)  Overview
    1. a)  Task Force formation ­​Based on continued requests and discussion regarding expanding and improving the pond. Approved by the Board in OCtober 2014/
    2. b)  Chairperson/Project Manager​­ Sally Lelong will lead the design effort. Bill LoSasso will oversee the project planning and implementation along with other members of the Pond Task Force.
    3. c)  Outreach​­ Has occurred to date through multiple email to membership and in the e­news
  2. 2)  Existing Pond
    1. a)  History of the pond
      i) ~ 15 years old, originally had a concrete liner, but cracked and was replaced by a rubber liner at least twice. Sand was added at some point below the liner, and stones were removed. It was never leveled such that the liner is always hidden.
    2. b)  The goodi) irises, thriving fish population, turtles, focal point of the garden, solar pump, surrounding area around the pond, usually clean, stones surrounding the pond, bird habitat, former snake,
    3. c)  The bad (and ugly)
      i) Current hole in liner, loose rocks can fall into pond, waterfall is too small, needs more vegetation, liner is too thin, no fence around pond, needs more seating, peaches fall into strainer, have to drag the hose to fill it, not big enough
  3. 3)  Visions for Expanded Pond
    1. a)  habitat for aquatic and amphibious species
    2. b)  a design that is nice and flowery but also requires little maintenance
    3. c)  a swampy area that has pitcher plants, with a shelf to contain soil and water
    4. d)  a bridge over the connector for the new pond area
    5. e)  an adjacent porch swing
    6. f)  lily pads, aquatic plants
  4. 4)  Board/Membership approval
    1. a)  Adjacent plotholders need to know what is going on along the way
    2. b)  A vote of the membership will be required at a scheduled general membership meeting,with minutes being shared along the way and report backs at membership meetings
  5. 5)  Project Challenges

a) Labor, weather, fish relocation, unknown problems during excavation, keeping plot holders informed and possible plot relocations, foundations from old buildings, commitment of task force members, removal of materials, staging of work efficiently, waiting til the ground thaws

  1. 6)  Budget ­
    1. a)  Sources so far:
      1. i)  Euromoney (via Helen)­ $900
      2. ii)  LPC funds ­ amount TBD
      3. iii)  CCNYC grant ­ $2500 applied for, will hear in April
    2. b)  Free materials should be explored
  2. 7)  Timeline and Milestones
    1. a)  Kickoff Meeting (2/8/2015)
    2. b)  1 more planning meeting, with a site visit
    3. c)  2 ­ 3 design meetings
    4. d)  Board/Member approval
    5. e)  Material order and delivery
    6. f)  Workdays and Implementation
    7. g)  Goal of 5/31 for finished product
    8. h)  Will the “chicken fence” be part of the design?
  3. 8)  Keys to Success
    1. a)  Focused meetings
    2. b)  Meeting minutes
    3. c)  Commitment and follow through
    4. d)  Discussion without argument
  4. 9)  Next Steps
    1. a)  Schedule next meeting ­ doodle poll to be created
    2. b)  Research to be completed by next meeting:
      1. i)  how to design a marshy area ­ jackson/helen
      2. ii)  toddler fence ­ jon
      3. iii)  liners ­ jackson/derrick
      4. iv)  stones ­ derrick/rita
    3. c)  MInutes sent to membership

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