General Meeting minutes August 2014

Minutes. General Membership meeting 9th August 2014:

Marga Snyder

Bill LoSasso

Helen Avery

Rita Kelly

Noreen Gadonniex

Jean Creighton (new member)

Matt Arnold

Sarah Johnson

Jill Woodward

Jackson Gilkey

Bill Di Paola

1. Re: LUNGS Harvest Festival

Programming on 20th – comedy at La Plaza planned, and a dance troupe.

Matt offered to get a marching band together for the march.

Kick off party on the 19th– Eric is playing, and Bill hopes to get a Latin band from Esperanto. Helen is decorating if anyone wants to help. Rita is organizing food.

Bill di Paola says will organize banner making on the 13th August with the kids art and crafts day (Helen organizing). He is doing a bike led-march for the march.

2. Can we get a projector for Jill’s movie to be shown at some point?

3. Rita says can people clip weeds and not put sticks or seeds in the compost bins. And can we have a point person to oversee the community food beds? Because the zucchinis are rotten says Noreen and the lettuces are out of hand and bitter as no one looks after them. Next year can we not have lettuces but something more sustainable? Perhaps a pumpkin patch for the kids? Or other vegetables? Should we ask in e-news if someone wants to take that on says Rita?

4. Bats are in the offing. Ranger is coming back in September with the boxes. It will go in Bill’s plot. Helen is looking into whether bat scat has pathogens in it. Agreed we want a big bat house for 30 to 100.

5. Marga says a hugel bed is being planned for near the kids area and will use the cut down tree  -  which will need to be chopped up. Bill says someone is coming to get the tree as it’s a rat hole so he’ll have to stop them from coming.

6. Sarah says a chainsaw is too dangerous though and best to have a bowsaw.

7. Bill says he is still looking for a membership chair person but people have offered.

8. Kids’ camp is cancelled as Felicia is having an operation on her shoulder.

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