Accidental Theater Company Presents: Hit & Run : MacBeth

Accidental Shakespeare Company is an up and coming underground theater company in New York with a dedication to play, ensemble, and building community. We have a performance series, now in it’s second year, called Hit & Run Shakespeare.

Hit & Run Shakespeare is fast-paced, high-stakes bardolatry. Our ensemble of actors comes together, fully memorized, to create a ONE NIGHT ONLY, fully staged production of a Shakespearean classic! Our audience brings the props, and any actors who forget their lines are given a “Book of Shame.” A referee judges and tallies all fouls. It’s pure, spontaneous PLAY!

“Scoundrel”: $10 suggested donation
“Drunken Rogue”: As a special thank you for donations of $20 or more, please enjoy ALL YOU CAN DRINK for the evening!
*Please note, we will not be selling wine by the glass at this production.
Tickets available at the door. CASH ONLY. No reservations required.
Questions or comments? Please contact Rachel Ritacco at

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